No heartbeat, enlarged yoke

No heartbeat, enlarged yoke

Postby braybabies » Fri Jan 12, 2018 3:12 pm

My wife and I had a positive pregnancy test Nov 20, last period was October 24. We saw the doctor January 9th for our first ultrasound. Our ob left to go deliver a baby and we were left with her tech. She was really nice to us and used the ultrasound machine there, (old as a dinosaur), and couldn't find the baby or the heartbeat. She sent us to the hospital where they had a better ultrasound machine and the tech there said we have a ellnlarged yoke, then got up and left. We sat there for 10 minutes wondering what was going on and then the doctor walked in and told us the baby wasn't viable. My heart just fell. He said that the baby stopped growing at 4 weeks and there was no heart beat. I looked at the screen and the baby looked as big as a shelled peanut, bigger than 4 weeks to me. He said that even if there were a heartbeat the enlarged yoke meant health problems and we should get a d and c. We recently made a appointment next week for a second opinion but we are still pretty down about it. Words of encouragement are appreciated.

In addition, my wife has no symptoms of miscarriage. No cramps, back pain ECT. I'm just stumped. If the baby was not viable at 4 weeks wouldn't she have miscarried by now?
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