8 weeks with only gestational sac but no sac or fetal pole

8 weeks with only gestational sac but no sac or fetal pole

Postby chewygums » Wed Oct 04, 2017 12:55 am

Hi, first time posting this. I am a mother of 2. I have never had any complications or any miscarriages before. My last childbirth was 5 years ago. This year we decided to have 1 more baby. Earlier this year, i've had irregular periods. Finally it came postive on 25/09/2017. My first day of my last menses was on 11/08/2017. Went to the gynae on 26/09/2017, doctor did transvaginal U/S cant see anything but HCG level was about 300 plus, if i can remember the doctor says. Ask me to come back 1 week later. So, did another HCG blood test and transvagianal U/S on 02/10/2017, doctor says i am 8 weeks + 1 day pregnant. She didnt mention if my HCG level has gone up or not. All she said was " okay, there is a sac, and its in the right place. Nothing to worry about. We'll see you in 3 weeks" Doctor says it was only according to my LMP that i am 8 weeks and because my periods are irregular. Thats it. Not very assuring at all. Anyway, Gestational sac is at 6.0mm but no yolk sac or no embryo. I know for sure i am not 8 weeks yet, since i took down the dates that me and my husband had intercourse. I think i should be around 5 or 6 weeks only. Anyway, even if i were to be at 6 weeks, there should be at least a yolk sac? I am having another U/S with the doctor in 3 weeks (23/10/2017) and the waiting game is killing me. I've had some pregnant symptoms. Like, breast sore and stomach cramping and frequent urinating. But that;s only because i think the weather was too cold. No bleeding or spotting or nausea vomitting or whatsoever. I have been reading that it might be a blighted ovum? i dont' know. i am very worried and this waiting game is seriously killing me. i really hope there is a fetus in 3 weeks times. If in 3 weeks time, i should be about 8-9 weeks if following my calculations? There shud at least be a heartbeat or a fetal pole already by then? Any mummies countering the same situations.? really really worried and anxious.
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Re: 8 weeks with only gestational sac but no sac or fetal pole

Postby Kay » Sat Oct 14, 2017 2:28 pm

(((hugs))) to you. I think it is awful that you have to wait so long. Waiting is awful. The most important thing is to see the gestational sac growing from week to week. If it is and not yet more than 25mm (and there are no complications), this is too early to diagnose. (((hugs)))
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