Is it possible to have a grower not a shower?

Is it possible to have a grower not a shower?

Postby Kittymckat » Mon Sep 18, 2017 6:34 am

Hi everyone. I'm new here and I hope you don't mind doing me posting. I'm in the UK and I shod be just around 8 weeks pregnant based on my lmp (23/07/17).

I had a miscarriage in April of this year which started after I started bleeding at 8 weeks but the ultrasound showed a sac of 5 weeks with no yolk or baby.

On September 1st I was taken in by our early pregnancy units for a scan due to anxiety after my previous miscarriage. I should have been 5+5 but the scan showed a sac and yolk sac measuring 5+3 so I was fairly happy about that. They didn't take bloods as the scan showed an intrauterine pregnancy and I was sent away with an appointment for a rescan on the 15th.

I went in on Friday (7+5 by lmp) and I had a different sonographer and neither my hubby or I felt she really spent any time (but that's another issue which I'll explain at the end). She found a sac which she says measures 6+2 (14.7mm) and a told sac but no embryo. I was told to prepare for the worst as there should have been some considerable growth between the two scans. I've booked in for a rescan on Monday 25th. Yet again, bloods were not taken as a yolk sac was seen.

So, the reason we didn't like the sonographer was that the normal woman who does it on epau (she did both scans in my miscarriage as well as the first scan this time) takes a lot of time. She'll always try an abdo scan first before offering a vaginal and she spends a good 10 minutes looking and making very small movements before telling me what she can see. The woman we had this Friday went straight for the vaginal and she kept making me move down the bed because she couldn't see. She was doing really quick and jerky movements which actually hurt at points and we were in and out in under 5 minutes. I couldn't see the screen as I was too busy tensing my legs trying to stay on the bed because she'd made me wiggle down so far - my legs were actually shaking. Anyway, my hubby could see the screen and he says there was something that kept flickering red by the yolk sac but it's like the smacking couldn't get a lock on it - he's wondering if that could be the fetal pole. And because she was making such big movements.

My question I guess is am I holding on to false hope here? Is it possible to just have a slow grower and for everything to be fine? I think we've decided that if next week's scan doesn't show any growth we will probably opt for a final private scan just to be sure.

I've not had any bleeding, I've had some cramps but the same level I've had throughout the whole thing. I've had nausea on and off and sore boobs. The sickness has eased a bit but it's always fluctuated.

Any advice, words of wisdom or stories would be appreciated. Thanks
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Re: Is it possible to have a grower not a shower?

Postby Kay » Mon Sep 18, 2017 3:00 pm

This is too early to know. Everything looks good so far. Many women don't see their babies this early. Of course anything could happen but I really hope you'll get good news at that next ultrasound. Remember, if the sac is not yet over 25mm and is growing, it is too early to diagnose a blighted ovum.
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This post is for informational purposes only. This information is not intended to replace information given by your physician but rather intended to supplement that information.
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