Yolk sac, no fetal pole 10 weeks--HCG?

Yolk sac, no fetal pole 10 weeks--HCG?

Postby zeo2ski » Tue Aug 08, 2017 4:23 pm

Reading some on this site, I've decided to have hope rather than mourn just yet. I do understand my chances are not good, but mentally I'm just going to wait to see it happen, so I thank you all for that.

I went in yesterday for a dating u/s, should have been 10w5d by LMP, but my cycle has always been a little irregular and long, 33-38 days. This time around (my 7th child) I got my cycle back about 13 months post partum and had I think 4 cycles which were all 39 days. So I expected they might bump me back by a week or two. Instead, they didn't see any fetal pole or heartbeat, just a gestational sac and yolk sac all in the proper place. The tech and then OB both said you could just be earlier than you think, but I got a BFP on a cheap test (not early test) on CD 35 (and BFN a week before that, CD 28) which was 5w5d before the u/s. I appreciate that the OB explained we don't know anything yet, but to be prepared this is likely a miscarriage. I do have a tilted uterus. The u/s was abdominal, then switched to internal.

They took blood after the u/s for HCG, that was yesterday, Monday, and I go back Thursday and they are looking to see if it doubles. OB said if it only rises some (less than doubling) or is going down then we know it's a miscarriage. My question is, *IF* I were actually 9-10.5 weeks, isn't that a little late to be expecting doubling? I remember vaguely that the placenta takes over around 10 weeks. I need to be prepared for how to interpret the number when it comes. Until reading here, I thought if it was dropping it was definite, but I was skeptical that it would continue to double throughout the whole pregnancy, so I wondered how long it does, thinking maybe just during 1st trimester.

My other question is, since there is a yolk sac, this in not a blighted ovum, correct? In that case, if it is true that there is no fetal pole, wouldn't that mean the pregnancy ended some time ago--don't they expect to see fetal pole by 5-6 weeks? If that's the case, it has already been a few weeks since then, how much longer would I expect to wait for natural miscarriage? I've had zero m/c symptoms. My pregnancy symptoms are all still here.

I would not do D&C or the meds anyway. If my HCG doubles, they'll do another u/s 10 days from the first. They didn't say what the plan would be if it doesn't, they were good to not diagnose anything yet, but I do believe they are going to diagnose based on the HCG.
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Re: Yolk sac, no fetal pole 10 weeks--HCG?

Postby Kay » Tue Aug 15, 2017 9:38 pm

I see this was a week ago? Do you have an update? Really, time is the only true test in this case. Hopefully you have your answer now. (((hugs)))
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