Spotting/heavy bleeding - m/c ?

Spotting/heavy bleeding - m/c ?

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I've been browsing this forum for the last few days and have found some of the stories truely inspirational.. I'm hoping to share my story and find some comfort in your responses, I really don't know whats going on with me!

LMP - 22nd September 2009
Positive pregnancy test done in early November, I cant remember the exact date.
My cycles are very irregular and usually last between 35-39 days.

My midwife dated my pregnancy at 8 weeks based on my LMP.

8 days ago I took my dogs on their walk, it was about 4 hours long but not a very strenuous walk, however I returned home to a brown blood stain in my knickers, not at all big but enough to panic me.

That was all for that day but the next day there was more brown spotting, not enough for me to have to wear a pad but it was there when I wiped.

This carried on for a about 3 days getting slightly more each day but still not requiring a pad, I called my EPAU to get some piece of mind.

They had me in for an early scan, this did a tummy scan first but werent able to see anything so then did a transvaginal scan, still unable to see anything!

So of course I'm panicing very much at this stage, the doctor said based on the scan images I must only be 5 weeks pregnant, there was a gestational sac measuring 13mm and a tiny yolk sac which she could barely see.

After much thought I figured I must have ovulated late and was obviously a few weeks less pregnant than I thought.

Tried to think positivly and was booked in for another scan in 10 days time (friday 4th dec)

The spotting didn't stop and on some occasions when wiping I would notice tiny streaks of red blood too, but not much at all.

Friday night I was woken up at 2am by cramps. Not extremely painful, definately bearable - if im being honest the pain felt less like cramps and more like I needed to make a BM! It was very uncomfortable, but no bleeding at all.

This discomfort lasted about 2 hours when I finally went back to sleep.

I woke up and went to the toilet in the morning and there was a moderate amount of bright red blood in my pj bottoms.

At this point the blood was flowing enough for me to need to wear a pad, I was soaking one per half a day. I went strait back to the hospital who performed a pelvic exam and checked my cervix.

She told me my cervix was tightly closed which was a good sign, and sent me home and advised me to take it easy and she would pass my info back to the EPAU on monday to see if they want me in earlier than friday for another scan.

The flow was lighter than a period all throughout saturday and it got a little lighter on sunday, i drank loads of water and hardly moved as ive found that when I move around the bleeding seemed to get worse?

This morning I was happy to find the bleeding had practically stopped, no need to wear a pad but of course I am anyway to make any blood loss easy to monitor, so far since 8am I've lost less than a tsp of blood and I have had no pain at all since that friday night... with all this id like to think things are looking positive and that now the bleeding has stopped I can stop worrying... but I can't help but wonder if I miscarryed on friday night or not... could the miscarriage have happened with that small amount of blood? There were no clots until after I had my pelvic exam, a few hours after I did pass a black jelly like clot about the size of a 50p but thats all.

Waiting for friday is so hard, not knowing whether or not my baby is still alive.

If by any chance I had miscarried on friday...would it have happened that fast and my cervix closed up again between the cramping starting at 2am and being examined by the gyno at 10am?

I'm so confused and totally at a loss, this is my first pregnancy and im only just 20 years old and im finding this really hard to deal with so anyone who has been in a similar situation who had a positive outcome I would really love to hear about it...

I still have hope.!

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