Spotting for 6 W's & found out I'm 6 W's pregnant - recommending a D&C - HELP!

Spotting for 6 W's & found out I'm 6 W's pregnant - recommending a D&C - HELP!

Postby Summerh » Tue May 16, 2017 2:51 pm

Went to my PC DR yesterday because I have been spotting off/on for roughly 6 weeks, with no other symptoms besides tender breast. I assumed my hormones were off balance from weaning my 18 mo old in March, and I'd just need to take something to regulate them. Instead... I was told I am 6 weeks pregnant. My DR sent me to the hospital for a full work-up and ultrasound. HCG levels are 2100, measurements are spot on to 6w 1d, but she couldn't see a heartbeat with a trans-vag US. The ultrasound tech was saying sorry like I lost the baby. So, I was expecting the doctor to go over what we have to do next, instead she came in all spunky acting like that can be normal as it's so early on. All congratulations and sent me on my way to follow-up with my OB in 5-7 days.

I call my OB office today and my doctor is out for a week. Another Dr gets on the phone. Tells me I'm having a miscarriage and I need to come in and decide what to do next, referring to a D&C. He sees no point in rechecking my HCG level, or another US. I was devastated (I will never speak to that man again). I called back and told the receptionist what happened and she was in shock, even if I was miscarrying they would still check my HCG levels and make sure they were dropping.

My levels are in correct the range, I have no cramping. Just just pink, sometimes red spotting occasionally. Has anyone ever went through this? No visible heartbeat at 6 weeks? follow-up in 3 days.
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