Red bleeding, hcg doubled, 6 weeks

Red bleeding, hcg doubled, 6 weeks

Postby awade86 » Sat Jan 28, 2017 4:12 pm

I know my exact conception dates- either the 27th or 28th and I should have ovulated on the 29th. No sex since.

I would've been 5w6d two days ago and had brown mucous like spotting. I also noticed implantation bleeding 4-5 days before bfp on the 10th (af due the 11th) and this looked like that did.

Went to the er with brown spotting and hcg was 3447 and the transvaginal us showed a sac (not sure about yolk sac) that measured 5w2d. Some more brown spotting the day after, yesterday. Then this morning, dark red/bright red bleeding similar to af. Not a ton, I've had one pad on all day, but enough to pool into the toilet. No cramps all day. Went back to the er yesterday and redrew hcg level and it was 5500. There was about 40 hours between the two tests so it rose about 60% in 40 hours. I should be 6w2d. No ultrasound done yesterday.

I am still bleeding red today, still no cramps. Not really bloated. Haven't filled a whole pad but I think that's because when I pee, it will occasionally go into the toilet.

Have any of you had something similar and everything was ok? I asked the dr about a blighted ovum and he said he couldn't be sure but usually hcg doesn't rise that much to almost double when there is one. I know the closer you get to 6000 and over is when hcg starts to slow to 72 hrs plus for doubling.

I've had a miscarriage in the past and there was definitely pain accompanying it not too long after the bleeding started. I've been bleeding a day and a half now. No clots.

Trying to hold out hope.
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