In Limbo

In Limbo

Postby Natalie219 » Thu Mar 16, 2017 3:02 pm

Hi, I have not posted on a board before but I've been reading so many throughout this experience that I thought I should contribute although my case is unresolved right now. I feel so unemotional about the whole ordeal at this point because if I allow myself to really think about it, it's too depressing.

Here is my story:

1/11 – LMP
2/7 – first faint positive test (I continued testing for several days and it got darker)
I made an appointment with obgyn for 2/21.
2/19 – heavy bleeding began (ended on 2/24) Called my doctor, we both assumed miscarriage so she wanted to do bloodwork to confirm
2/20 – bloodwork beta hcg of 43
2/22 – bloodwork beta hcg of 52
2/28 – doctor told me I had definitely miscarried but wanted to continue testing betas to follow them to zero
3/3 – bloodwork beta hcg of 295
3/4 – severe cramping and contraction like pain
3/6 – nurse called and gave results from 3/3. She started the conversation with "Congratulations, your levels look great!" I was so confused. I asked her for what, a miscarriage? She says no an early pregnancy! After having her actually read my chart... she asked me to do more bloodwork
beta hcg of 535;
3/7 - nurse called with results from day before; now doctor wants to treat like a viable pregnancy
3/8 - The more I researched the more I got nervous that this was an ectopic pregnancy. I called and switched doctors to the one who delivered my son two years ago. He immediately said come in for a scan. The ultrasound showed early gestational sac (empty). He said he does not know if it is an ectopic, miscarriage (incomplete) or a normal pregnancy. Doctor suggested we scan again in two weeks (on the 22nd) to see if any progress was made in the sac.

3/11 - began bleeding again, no clots just bright red. Still bleeding today but finally got lighter.

I would love to hear thoughts and opinions as this wait is brutal.

Thanks in advance, I know it was a lot to read.

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