Hopeful.. BUT its not looking good.. ANY CHANCE?? Please help :)

Hopeful.. BUT its not looking good.. ANY CHANCE?? Please help :)

Postby Healthybabynumber3 » Thu Nov 02, 2017 11:52 pm


so I have a not so normal situation happening so bare with me!

i chart and know when I ovulated and got a faint BFP at 9DPO. I also have 2 girls (3yrs and 1yr)

my HCG levels have been slow rising from the start and never doubled and are super low and super slow!

The last few few have been:
6weeks - 1320
6+2- 1870
6+4 - 1920
7weeks- 2000
I am (today) 7+2 and HCG is 1998...
not good at all!

so I went to my scheduled OB appointment today ready to chat about ways on how to deal with my miscarriage. The start of the appointment was exactly that... and then was sent to have a US to make sure it wasn’t etopic. Well the scan showed it wasnt etopic and to both mine and the US techs suprise there was a sac measuring 6+5 and a HB 114... it was hard to find the sac and was done internally.

My OB was in shock and we are now having another scan in 10 Days.

ive had a weird feeling throughout the pregnancy that this bubba is OK! But have litle to no pregnancy symptoms and results haven’t been great!! But still a feeling it’s ok.

I know chances are super low.. and my OB isn’t confident in the progression so I know this is a pretty much over and done with pregnancy... but can’t shake the feeling that it’s ok!

anyone have similar experiences?? Good or bad?

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Re: Hopeful.. BUT its not looking good.. ANY CHANCE?? Please help :)

Postby Kay » Tue Nov 07, 2017 4:03 pm

(((hugs))) to you. No answers for you but am wondering if they are monitoring your progesterone? If so, supplements might prove beneficial. Praying for you!
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