Confusing results

Confusing results

Postby crismell » Fri Aug 11, 2017 9:17 pm

I am going to include just the facts.

LMP 6/12

Positive Pregnancy Test 7/14

TV ultrasound 7/27 - Gestational sac 8mm with yolk sac

HCG 7/28 - 4259

HCG 7/31 - 5966

HCG 8/4 - 8272

HCG 8/7 - 10092

TV ultrasound 8/7 - Gestational sac 1.29cm no fetal pole

Based on the slow rising HCH, the slow growth of gestational sac, and lack of fetal development the doctor told me "blighted ovum/missed miscarriage" which I accepted.

No bleeding as of yet.

Dr. wants to give cytotec 8/18 if nothing happens naturally.

Is it possible that this is a misdiagnosed miscarriage?
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