Here we go again...BO?

Here we go again...BO?

Postby ActingLoud » Mon Feb 12, 2018 10:18 am

Fresh cd3 transfer on Jan 18th - 13dpo - HCG was 64, 15dpo - 188 , 17dpo - 668,19dpo - 2405.
US at 5wks showed sac at 5w2day - empty
US at 5ws 4d showed sac at 5w6days - still seems "empty" to drs and HCG is 18770
HCG 2 days later is not doubling, but is 26,472

I have had 19 losses over many years - and I haven't had such a strong beta start - they have called BO at 5wks6d due to high HCG and them unable to verify what may or may not be in the sac. I am being pushed to schedule a D&C.
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